Interior Design Glass

The latest interior design ideas for the bathroom is using painted glass to brighten up the shower walls, doors, ceilings and areas all around the room. The only limit to adding brilliant colors that captivate the eye is the imagination. Clear glass is painted to any color the client needs, baked and sealed with special treatments. Back painted glass, known as soda glass, brings a smooth colorful look to any bathroom. Colored glass can be matched to any paint that already exists in the room or a touch of excitement can be added with sparkles, textures or metallic blends. The soda glass can be cut to any shape or size the client needs and hole are easily cut for all the plumbing fixtures.

Painted glass showers can also be matched to glass tile walls that may have a ceramic, pebble or stone design. Back painted glass can be matched to pick up the undertones from the glass walls to give the bathroom a one of a kind look. Unique blends of colors from glass walls and glass tile backsplashes give any bathroom an exquisite and elegant appearance. Coated glass enhances the lighting in the bathroom and brings out the beauty of the room.

Soda Glass is revolutionizing the contemporary home by solving the mildew and mold build up in the bathroom areas. Customized with just the right splash of colored glass, Soda Glass eliminates hard water stains as well and adds a touch of beauty to any bathroom. It can also be used to spruce up the vanity, sink backsplashes, tub skirts and any walls. Coated glass is combined with treatments that make the surface easy to clean and extremely durable, all that is needed for a clean bathroom is a sponge or squeegee. Soda Glass has many different types of breathtaking finishes and textures like metallic, textured stripes and granite to add richness and balance to any bathroom.

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