Interior Design Glass

Contemporary homeowners search for new and luxurious additions to their homes. Glass is one of the additions that can change the look of any room.  When searching for color splashes to put in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, or living areas the painted glass is a good solution.  Glass walls are easy to care for and using colored glass will help the homeowner to avoid having to paint to change the color of a space.  Soda glass is a company that offers glass tile for the kitchen or bath and coated glass for any other room.

When homeowners look to change the look of their bathroom, a new back painted glass; shower door can set the stage for a new theme.  Glass walls make it easy to handle moisture in the bathroom and kitchen.  Some people choose colored glass and painted glass to add themes to their rooms.  The choices are numerous and the style is contemporary luxury.

Soda glass offers the homeowner choices in Soda Glass for the living area.  Bright fluorescent colors as well as coated glass wall panels give new meaning to the word contemporary.  Back painted glass gives the appearance of the colored glass without the over powering Soda Glass appearance.  This is what makes the shower doors appealing to many.  Glass tiles can change the appearance of a kitchen wall.  Using these glass tile as a back splash adds color and style as well as protects the walls from splashes of grease or water.

A dining room area is the perfect setup glass walls.  The glass wall reflects light from candles and create the illusion of a larger room within a smaller room. Walls of glass give the illusion of reflection to any room and offer a new style to the homeowner’s contemporary lifestyle.  Check out the soda glass website for more selections of glass that is painted and stylish with a splash of luxury.

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