Interior Design Glass

Soda Glass and Painted Glass for All Your Purposes.
Artists and building designers alike can take advantage of a huge inventory offered by a large manufacturer of stain glass panels. The raw material can easily be cut and worked to fit panes or become a designer coffee table. The glass is strong and the coloration is beautiful and natural. Whether soda glass or painted glass, there is only one source for colored glass.

Glass tile is beautiful and be placed decoratively all around the home. It is study enough to line a bathroom floor and yet decorative enough to imprint into the wall. Because glass can withstand high temperature, glass tile might even be appropriate as an inlay for your fire place.

Glass walls might not sound practical to some, but there are plenty of situations that beg for large panes of clear or tinted glass to become apart of a room or building. The most obvious use for a room with glass walls would be a greenhouse or a room intended to house plants. A single wall might be open for sunlight, providing a passive source of heating during winter.

Back painted glass is intended for decoration. It is not clear and cannot be seen through, but the color reflects through the glass. It is ideal for decorating a wall or ceiling or for crafting. Many beautiful things can be made from back painted glass or tinted soda glass for that matter.

Soda Glass is special because minerals and impurities have been added to the glass to achieve striking effects that are solid through the pain. Soda Glass makes exceptional furniture and counter tops. Painted glass is less expensive but does not have the same personality.

Coated glass is scientifically formulated to keep heat out. Coated glass is intended for buildings and can greatly increase thermal efficiency. Colored class can also reduce sunlight penetration, but colored glass would be unusual for a primary window.

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