Interior Design Glass

Today, the combination of light through glass and the addition of color to the glass invites an open feeling of harmonious energy and adds beautiful qualities in the home and office.  Buildings can now be architecturally enhanced with custom coated glass backsplashes, countertops, doors, cabinets, kitchen and shower surroundings.  Colored glass is beautiful in whatever room your imagination and decorative ideas can conceive.

Soda Glass is the top coating system used to enhance any glass texture and glass patterns.  The Soda Glass system contains a large variety of finishes and textures for back painted glass walls, soda glass, mirrors, glass tile, glass walls and so much more.  The technology used for coated glass consists of smart designs such as stripes, translucent, gloss, pearlescence, metallic, granite, logos, textured, etched and varying shapes.

Colored glass which has been coated has a durable warranty against peeling, cracking,  or fading.  The coating is easy to apply and strongly adheres to glass textures with no fear of future fumes from chemical breakdown and is safe for all members of the home.  Painted glass is available in a wide selection of aesthetic colors that match well known paint brands, as well as colors which can be customized.

Painted glass colors can be matched perfectly with various materials, such as metal, wood and stone to create an airy colored hue atmosphere in any home or business.  Glass tile, glass walls, back painted glass, soda glass, table tops and counter tops which are coated with colorful glass technology have cost savings and benefits for all interior room spaces.

The Soda Glass process in color coating glass, serves in keeping rooms comfortable in the winter and in the summer because of its solar properties.  Coated treated glass reduces ultraviolet light transmissions in large open spaces and provides environmentally friendly visible light transmission in smaller areas.

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