Interior Design Glass

Painted glass allows the homeowner to add a visual effect to any room. Whether the colors are contemporary, vibrant or modern, colored glass allows the designer to make every room feel like a place of their own. Easy to install at an affordable price, the glass tile is nonporous and easy to clean.

Due to its versatility, soda glass can be used in place of tile, glass, or stone. The most common instillation areas are the kitchen, bathroom, shower walls, and many office environments. Available in an array of colors, the coated glass can be cut into any shape.

When privacy is an issue, the coated glass will work better than glass walls. The designer also has the ability to match the colors from the top paint manufacturers. This list includes Kelly Moore, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Clients also have the option to create a customized color using the computer.

The durability of the glass coating allows it to be drilled, tempered, bent or notched without affecting the quality of the back painted glass. Ranging between one-eight inch and one-inch thickness, the soda glass is available in flat or pencil polish.

Textured colored glass is another option. This technique adds depth to the glass coating. To increase the intensity of the glass, clients have the choice of keeping one side smooth while adding ripples to the other side. Other textured looks are the bull-nosed, chipped, mitered, beveled and ogee. The standard sheet size is 84 inches x 130 inches. This convenient size makes it possible to complete most projects using only a few sheets.

Glass tile and glass walls are a sign of sophistication. On the stairs, switching the traditional railing for back painted glass adds elegance to any room. The painted glass will perfectly accent counter tops, shower walls or sink back splashes in the bathroom.

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