Interior Design Glass

If a person is looking to spice up her surroundings, architectural glass is a great way to do so.  Used for a variety of applications, colored glass and painted glass can add a touch of elegance to bathroom vanity tops and cabinet door panels.  Back painted glass, glass tile and glass walls can work well for kitchen decor such as backsplashes.  Coated glass can make refrigerators or home offices come to life with vibrant color and style.

The latest trend in interior design, soda glass offers many advantages to a designer.  Using a glass coating application, soda glass comes in a wide array of colors, is easy to clean and simple to install.  The glass coating process allows for individual colors and styles to be designed specifically for the designer, adding a personal touch to any home or office.

For the do-it-yourselfer who spends more time banging her thumb with the hammer than the nail, coated glass is the answer.  Soda glass can be cut, notched and bent to almost any shape and has no grout lines. Available in sheets of 84″ x 130″, a job can be done with few if any seams.

Whether using painted glass or colored glass, colors are matched to leading paint manufacturers like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore.  When decorating the reading room in a house, also known as the bathroom, glass tile and glass walls give a person more to look at besides the newspaper.  And who wouldn’t want to see back painted glass when standing at a sink washing dishes or one’s hands?

So if a designer wants sophistication combined with durability and a vibrant color scheme, colored glass is the answer.  After her thumb heals from all the hammering, she can relax and enjoy a beautiful new room and a job well done.

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