Interior Design Glass

Painted Glass is an Excellent Choice for Modernizing Bathrooms & Kitchens.
Back painted glass has changed the way interior design is used inside the home. Kitchens and bathrooms have been transformed by the use of glass tile and glass walls. Painted glass is durable, easy to clean and excellent for areas that get wet or dirty. Bathrooms are notorious for splashing water and an environment where mold grows easily.

The nonuse of grout means mold has no place to grow. This makes soda glass an excellent hygienic material that can be used in the bathroom. Shower walls are notorious for growing mold in the crevices and corners of the grout that holds most tiles together. Using Soda Glass materials on shower walls will drastically eliminate the problem of mold. Vanity tops that use colored glass offer numerous choices for the decor of this room. With no size limitation and over 10,000 colors to choose from, glass tile has the ability to provide a perfect splash of color to brighten up the bathroom.

In the kitchen, soda glass provides a sophisticated look when it is used as an accent wall behind the kitchen stove and cabinets. Colored glass walls can easily be mixed and matched with painted walls to add accents that look wonderful. Sparkling metallic effects are also available in painted glass material. This added feature allows interior home designers the opportunity to create some exciting visual designs. Coated glass is also a popular cover for refrigerator and cabinet doors. A sense of class and forward thinking is reflected in this Soda Glass material.

Easily installed, back painted glass is nonporous and can be cut into almost any type of shape. Coated glass material is bendable and can also be drilled through. The versatility provided by using glass walls is virtually endless. It pays to consider using back painted glass in a home to make it look modern and refined.

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