Interior Design Glass

In eye-popping colors, as well as calmer tones, soda glass is a great way to style a kitchen or bathroom. Soda glass, or back painted glass, is truly the modern and best choice in decorating a home. Back painted glass is available in glass tile, glass walls, with glass coating, or painted; all of which are a great value. Bright green painted glass tile in your kitchen adds intrigue to an otherwise commonplace area. Glass tile can make a lovely floor since it has no grout lines; it is easy to mop, with no scrubbing required. Want to add surprise to a tiny bathroom? Use orange or green glass walls in the shower. They are easily washed and beautifully placed. Coated glass can also be used as highlight pieces, making a great tabletop or covering a living room wall. Colored glass can also be textured instead of smooth, with several different polishes; including flat, pencil, beveled, or chipped. This colored glass can be cut into any shape, drilled into, or even bent. With standard sized sheets, most seems will not be visible. When looking around a room, think about all the options coated glass could make. With so many types of painted glass or tiles with glass coating, it is not hard to see why this is a great decision in home decorating. It is unique, colorful, and easy to take care of. Whether in the bathroom, the kitchen, lining a fireplace, or as a beautiful centerpiece, soda glass can make a home vibrant and energetic.
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