Interior Design Glass

A Touch of Glass
A bathroom can be transformed into a unique creation. You are the designer, which allows for endless creativity from the simplest to the most complex designs. A trained expert of heavy shower doors and glass tile doors can guide you through your work-in-progress by suggesting glass walls and decorative coated glass as well as back painted glass choices. Anti-reflective Soda Glass products ensure solar energy efficiency. Soda Glass coated glass also ensures glass walls can be easily cleaned.Your unique creation will be easy to install, leaves an almost seamless appearance, and is competitively priced.
Back painted glass allows you to change the visual characteristics of any type of glass.
Shower walls, shower doors, and partitions are changed into exquisite painted glass designs. No glass tile or glass wall creation has to resemble other patterns within your masterpiece. The sky’s the limit! Soda glass rewards its users with an excellent mixture of materials from some of the finest national distributors. Soda glass is manufactured with different degrees of thickness and is easy to clean.
Colored glass brings sophistication to any project. The deeper colored glass for example allows for true privacy if applied to a lattice-type room partition. When consideration is given to the flip side of colored glass, you will notice that reflective glass not only shows images, but also allows for reflections of light and offers a feeling of being in a more spacious area. There is a wide array of painted glass that can give you endless inspiration.
A well trained team of associates that have listened and understand your choice of textures, color, cut of glass, and durability can assist you in completing your unique masterpiece.
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