Interior Design Glass

Interior Designed Glass

Professional interior architectural glass companies that work on glass walls, colored glass, painted glass now have the ability to offer clients the best in selection such as sophisticated designs, an array of applications, quick and easy installation methods, strong and reliable toughness, and easy cleaning maintenance. With computer color matching, customers can choose from an unlimited selection of colors, due to the option  of matching color codes from the worlds top paint companies such as Kelly Moore, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, along with other top paint manufactures.

If your planning to include a lot more creativity with the glass in your home or place of business, glass companies offer many types of class like coated glass, as it can be color coated on the textured surface or smooth surface of the glass.

A popular type of glass is used in the custom interior glass industry is known as back painted glass. Back painted glass is any type of pellucid glass that is coated with paint from the back surface and seen from the front side, also known glazed side.

There is also custom printed glass tile canvas that shows the durability of glass on the surface with realistic pictures. Glass tile really fits well in kitchens spaces and bathrooms, as this is where moisture protection is a common practice.

Soda Glass is durable, compact and fairly easy to setup. And without visible bounding lines, cleaning soda glass is quick and simple. Soda Glass comes in a variety standard glass thicknesses ranging from one eighth to an inch. It can be drilled, notched, tempered, and even bent. Designers can create various shapes from this glass to meet your requirements.

Soda Glass is considered to be a scientific innovation in the interior glass industry. Soda Glass has accomplished an advanced agent that’s combined with color mixtures to make a strong, non-fading finish for glass. A large variety of colors can be made fast and efficiently without the demand to make large run amounts.

Interior design glass, such as painted glass, colored glass, coated glass and glass walls is a modern design style taking the industry by storm. Finding the right dealer can determine how much you pay and the quality of work done to your environment.

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