Interior Design Glass

Interior Design Glass

Giving a home a ‘makeover’ is always fun. Homes over 30 years old will definitely need a makeover. One space that would need a makeover more than any space is the kitchen. The kitchen is where everyone seems to congregate. Having people over to a home is fun, especially when all the meeting and greeting are in the kitchen.

This is why the kitchen should be something to talk about. Nothing gives a kitchen that wow feeling than having a glass tile backsplash. Glass tile backsplashes are popular today; especially with they come in a color a homeowner desires.

The best thing about using glass in any home makeover is that it can be in any color a homeowner chooses. Painted glass makes a home look sleek, modern and contemporary. The painted glass on any surface in a home makes a statement all on its own. In fact, it does not matter where a homeowner wants to use glass in their home, they can have a glass walls installed.

Homeowners who want their home to look bigger than it is will have glass walls installed. These walls can come in blue, green, yellow, brown, gold, orange and any color a homeowner needs.

Back painted glass is easy to install and easy to clean, this is one of the biggest draws, back painted glass is easy to clean. For homeowners who do not like cleaning this colored glass will be a welcome interior design choice.

After a homeowner has had the colored glass installed, they will be more than happy to recommend their contractor to their family and friends. Once coated glass is a new feature in any home, small, medium or large, it will make a 30 year old home look brand new. Coated glass is durable, nonporous and has no grout lines. The last thing a homeowner wants from their new interior design glass is grout lines showing.

If you are wondering what type of glass can accommodate a homeowner in this fashion, it is a soda glass. Soda glass is thick and available in the thickness of 1/8”, 1/4″, 3/8”, 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1”. This glass can be cut to any shape a homeowner desires as well.

Homeowners can also use Soda Glass for any room in their home. Soda Glass can also be colored and shaped into any design a homeowner desires. This glass can be used in bathrooms, kitchens and home exteriors.

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