Interior Design Glass

Interior Design Glass

Colored glass is an interior design feature that is being more widely used to beautify and strengthen homes and commercial spaces. Glass tile has long been used as an accent in kitchens, baths, and sunrooms. Showers and bath surrounds have been made of heavy glass. Now, architectural coated glass products such as Soda Glass and soda glass are available to add more to your space. Architectural coated glass is clean, elegant, and light enhancing. It adds dimension to spaces from bath sink vanities to stunning Glass walls.

Back painted glass slabs add the latest in sophisticated beauty to table surfaces, Glass walls, and even accent windows. Painted glass can be matched to almost any paint color to enhance any decor. It can also be colored on either its flat or textured surface for a unique look. Interior designers are using Back painted glass in place of granite, laminate, and other surfaces as they and their clients fall in love with its custom look.

Painted glass is also durable and easy to care for. It has the hardness of conventional glass and the resilience of the heavy Glass tile found in high-traffic areas such as the bath. Soda Glass is tough enough to be used for countertops and commercial interiors. Colored glass is even strong enough to serve as an accent wall.

Cleaning is a breeze and doesn’t require expensive and hard-to-find cleaning materials as some surfaces do. Unlike conventional ceramic tile, painted glass has no grout to clean. It is also nonporous, so there is no risk of saturation as there is with some natural materials.

Coated glass such as soda glass is also easy to install. It comes in a variety of lengths so that seams can be minimized. It is also available in different thicknesses and textures to accommodate just about any use from purely decorative to highly functional.

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