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Create Your Own Extreme Home Makeover: Interior Design Glass

Home makeover shows are addictive and display all the wonderful possibilities of interior decorating. The only problem with those shows is that one’s own home looks dull in comparison. Not everyone gets the opportunity to have a talented team sweep in with cameras and revamp their house in 48 hours. Fortunately, homeowners who have a space that looks like a “before” picture can create the “after” shot all by themselves. Interior design glass is an inventive way to give any home a makeover.

Back painted glass slabs add a new element to any home. These painted glass tiles are easy to install and there are many affordable options. Soda glass is a popular choice for many homes because it is durable, and there are endless color options. Soda glass colors can match paint colors from all leading manufactures and computer coloring is also available. Coated glass can also be produced by coloring on only one side of textured glass. The many options means every homeowner can find a unique style that exactly fits any home.

The options do not stop at colored glass. There are also many ways to apply the glass to one’s home. Glass walls can be added to any accent or shower wall for a simple, stunning element. Back painted glass slabs work great for vanity tops and kitchen cabinet panels and surfaces. Glass tile can produce intricate designs in fireplaces or at stores. Painted glass is used for decor and even elevators. No one needs a celebrity designer when they have so many amazing ways to use colored glass.

Soda Glass is another type of glass used for interior design. Soda Glass uses long slabs of glass to create backsplashes for kitchens. This helps make one’s home look special and is easy to clean. All coated glass is easy to maintain and will last in any home.

Homeowners can be interior decorators. This is better than any designing show because each homeowner has total control. Using glass tile creates simple and beautiful designs. Glass walls and other glass features make any home look like it had a professional revitalization without the expense or hassle.

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