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How Heavy Glass Shower Doors can Add a Touch of Style to Your Bathroom

There are many benefits of having heavy shower glass door, and regardless of whether one wants to find a classic look or a modern one, Interior Design Glass has an incredibly wide selection of styles and designs. Using premium architectural glass for ones shower doors is one of the best ways to accent a remodeled bathroom. Only the best quality glass is used to custom design customer’s bath or showers. Many times, homeowners are looking for something that add a bit of style and grace to one of their most intimate areas, and custom shower doors can definitely get the job done. With the wide variety of materials that are available, it should be no problem finding the perfect look. Below is a list of materials that Interior Design Glass supplies:

  • Painted Glass
  • Back Painted Glass
  • Soda Glass
  • Glass Tile
  • Glass Walls
  • Soda Glass
  • Coated Glass
  • Colored Glass

Safety and durability are among the primary concerns when looking to purchase a shower door, but you can rest assured that only safety tempered glass is used for every door. There are many choices in respect to the variety of materials, there are plenty of colors to choose from such as including clear, crystal, bronze, frosted, gray, baroque and dozens more. Each type of glass has the ability to lend a special effect to your shower. For instance, while colored glass, glass walls, soda glass, glass coating and glass tile confer texture to your bathroom, coated glass, painted glass and back painted glass lend privacy.

Heavy glass shower doors can come in different thicknesses as well, 3/8″ or 1/2″ are the normal standards. Sometimes people have their glass carved or they can choose to simply keep it plain, but if one wishes to add a touch of character to their bathroom, a heavy glass shower doors is a good start.

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