Unique Glass

The first thought someone would think is “what the heck is the difference between interior and exterior glass?” Apparently there is some kind of difference, not really understanding how but, hey who really knows for sure? There many different types of interior glass, from: Back painted glass, Painted glass, Glass tile, Glass walls, Colored glass, coated glass, Soda Glass, and Soda glass. If you want something beautiful and can be easily cleaned then Soda Glass is for the individual. It can be glass; tile or stone whatever fits the type of glass. This type can be used from elevators to fireplaces. Allergies can be hard to deal with especially older homes, back painted glass is hygienic water proof alternative to laminates and tiles. It’s a modern glass that fits with the mood; this type can be used from table tops to white boards. Painted glass is a beautiful way to increase income especially if it’s stained. It can be used to exemplify a particular thing such as windows. Beauty that can be capitalized on would be glass walls and glass tiles. Glass tile are pretty self-explanatory; they are mainly used in showrooms and very easy to clean. Glass walls are used to make a particular room grab peoples’ attention; and they can be used for anything. If bright colors are in or favored Soda Glass glass is for that special person that loves colors that pop. It’s easy to install, maintain, and keep clean. It’s a gorgeous glass that is mainly used for a kitchen backsplash to brighten up. If the sun is a bother to some coated glass is very helpful to those people. It’s a basic solar panel except it’s a window but it helps a lot. If painted or colored its a fan for some painted glass or colored glass is definitely it. It’s a very delicate glass that can’t be clean depending on the type of paint used. Those are the lovely interior glasses that are used not sure why for the outside also. Pick a glass depending on the situation, time, preference, and personal choice.

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