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Glass is not just for windows or mirrors anymore. The use of glass in homes and offices used to be limited to windows and doors, or the mirror in the bathroom where one admired the reflection of the person seen there. This has changed with many new products such as back painted glass, glass tile, and other painted and coated glass products. Colored glass should be considered as the finishing touch for interior and exterior applications. Soda glass has one of the widest selections of glass that give a home or office that special touch.

When selecting the backsplash for the kitchen counter or the bathroom, consider using back painted glass or Soda Glass. It is much easier to maintain and clean than the tiles commonly used, as there is no grout, and the surface in 100% non-porous. Visually, glass is in a class of its own. Glass walls in the bathroom add a fourth dimension to the space, and in a wet area such as a laundry room, glass is plain practical. A kitchen table top with a Soda Glass surface is hygienic and beautiful, especially with beveled edges and maybe a metallic finish to it. Using it to tenderize that tough piece of meat on may not be such a good idea though.

Glass walls are exciting alternatives that give a wonderful touch to both interior and exterior walls. Glass tile is great for allowing sunlight in, while still maintaining security. The soda glass choices of painted glass that can be applied to a structural wall include colored glass and coated glass among the others previously mentioned. These are suitable both for residential and office use.

Soda glass products can be used in an unlimited variety of applications, even for floors and ceilings. Colored glass is easy to install and easy to maintain. The great visual effect painted glass adds to a home or office, definitely makes glass a preferred choice.

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