Interior Design Glass

Window panes, glass containers, bottles and jars are commonly made of soda glass. Boring and uninteresting they come in brown, green or clear and are made up of many different materials to make them stronger and a lot more durable.

Oh, but wait, not so boring in today’s new architectural glass designs. You can have a full wall, or table designed with back painted glass using soda glass. Painted glass adds a contemporary look to any room as an accent wall or in an office lobby to brighten up your visitor’s spirit. The uses for colored glass are endless. The beautiful thing about back painted glass is that it can be used in so many areas of your home or business to enhance the architectural beauty. Coated glass is used to block out light and control the ultraviolet rays coming through a glass window. Coated glass is used in solar panels to create heating and heat up water for consumer use. The AR coating on the panels give the coated glass a longer lifespan and is easy to clean.

Trends are set by architects and designers by using Soda Glass colors and textures. Soda Glass is durable, protects against gems and bacteria and comes in thousands of colors. It is great around the kitchen near heat as well as in the bathroom around wet areas. It can be used on any type of glass to give it strength and it resists hard water stains which makes it easier for cleaning. Colored glass in any room can be put up in just a small area or you can shape colored glass to make a design to accent the room. Full glass walls will give you the major color of the room and you’ll have a wide range of colors to chose.

Used in the kitchen colored glass tiles can decorate as a boarder to any interior design. Bathrooms are decorated with glass tile to reflect light and add color to the room which makes it look larger in size. Painted glass around mirrors will add accent to the shape or size of the mirror giving it an appearance of a work of art. Mosaic glass tile is used in many renovations around sinks, or kitchen cabins to add that decorative design to the room. Glass walls can be placed as dividers between rooms, shaped and colored to match your décor.

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