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Take a Moment to Reflect Upon Interior Glass Design
Once a structure is built, the next thing that comes is the interior design. With the advancement of technology and innovative ideas, interior design glass has taken dominance as one of the preferred materials used. The inclusions of back painted glass, colored glass, glass tile, painted glass, glass walls, coated glass, soda glass and Soda Glass are being incorporated into the floor plans of buildings by many architects, who know the durability, easy installation, color choices and textures.

Back painted glass is a colored glass that is a revolutionary technology that produces a durable, simple product. With the reverse (backside) surface of a glossy glass panel painted (any color), the paint is protected from surface scratches and damage. With various thicknesses and colors available, back painted glass is a colored glass that is used for walls, backsplashes, countertops or bathroom. The beauty of painted glass speaks for itself, as the range of colors and the reflective transparency of painted glass enhances any room.

Interior glass design continues on an upward trend with the increased use of the various forms that it comes in, such as glass tile, glass walls and coated glass. The versatility of glass tile is impressive and is typically used for backsplashes, counters and bathrooms. Glass walls provide privacy, while still allowing the light to penetrate through and yet are solid and durable, whether used in exterior or interior glass design. Coated glass can be laminated or tempered and comes in large sheet sizes, thereby allowing it to be used in many ways including interior feature walls, exterior cladding, backsplashes, table tops and more.

Soda Glass is a material used by architects, as it is hygienic, non-porous, clean and easy to maintain. With thousands of colors, it can also have a finish that includes granite, metallic or sparkle. With its reflective characteristic, it has the unique ability to allude to additional space. It is compatible with any glass (including textured), knows no size limit and possesses structural strength. The beauty, durability, strength, color range and quality of Soda Glass make it second to none. Soda glass is an excellent material that comes in numerous colors, textures and thickness. When used for countertops, the edges of soda glass can be mitered, bull-nosed, pencil or flat-polished or ogee or chipped.

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