Interior Design Glass

Do a home makeover with interior design glass
You love your home and your always looking for ways to freshen it up and give it a “face lift.” You’ve tried painting, furnishings, and so many other options but still need that something extra special. Interior design glass, such as back painted glass or painted glass can truly make your home shine. Think of any place that you have a counter top, tiles, stone work, or glass in your home and imagine it with glass tile or glass walls. Colored glass and coated glass can truly be amazing, blending in with your existing color scheme or providing a sharp contrast. Soda Glass and soda glass are all ways you can accessorize your home. You could use back painted glass in the kitchen to create a back splash or try painted glass for your kitchen counter tops, cupboard doors, and to cover your refrigerator. Transform your bathroom with glass tile and glass walls. Imagine the shower doors shimmering with colored glass. Coated glass, Soda Glass, or soda glass can be used on your coffee table and end tables. Take it into the bedroom to liven your vanity or night stand. Interior design glass is fantastic, flexible in use, able to be cut, bent, or notched to mold to whatever surface you choose to use. It’s also available in a variety of edgings, such as beveled, bull-nosed, flat-polished, pencil-polished, mitered, chipped or ogee. It is also wonderful when it comes to cleaning. Being a non-porous substance, it can be wiped down with a glass cleaner and you have a dazzling surface. You can have it just about any color you can imagine, with matches to many paints from so many top paint manufacturers. The next time you are considering making a change in your home, give interior design glass a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the glow it gives to the surfaces in your home, the ease of care, and the lasting impression it will leave on anyone that enters your house. Interior design glass can also be used to spruce up the office or work place for a unique, exciting look.

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