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Are you redesigning a kitchen, bathroom, or patio in your home. Soda glass is a material you can use to add color and style to the room. Soda glass which is architectural glass is excellent quality and very durable. This glass is easy to install and is used for a variety of applications. This glass is used for kitchen back splashes, vanity tops in the bathroom, shower walls, fireplaces, kitchen tables, and cabinet door panels. Painted glass or glass tile is often used around a fireplace.

Back painted glass can be cut into different shapes for almost any design. It can be drilled, and bent to make it fit anywhere. It can be polished by a number of different methods. This glass can be beveled, pencil polished, or flat polished. It is sometimes called Soda Glass. Coated glass look striking as a back splash in a large or small kitchen. The colored glass breaks up the design of the room. This type of glass is easy to clean because it is like glass tile. It makes a great kitchen table top for old tables that need a new design and look. The material is easy to eat on and clean up quickly. Coated glass come in variety of colors so you can find the right one to match your table top.

Using Glass walls in the bathroom shower makes good design sense. This is because you can choose a color to match your color theme. Not only that soda glass is easy to clean and looks great in the bathroom shower. Glass walls are great in small bathroom or very large ones where you want cleaning to be as easy as possible. It is durable so the shower walls will wear a long time. Back painted glass is recyclable so it is good for the enviroment. It can be used again for another project.

Painted glass add class to office and lobby designs. Even a small section of a window or elevator with painted glass can impress clients. Soda Glass is a popular material with designers because it is so versatile. The colored glass can be painted many different colors and the paint bonds with the glass so it is good choice for design. Think about using back painted glass when you design your next room.

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