Interior Design Glass

New design concepts are being created everyday and recently glass has appeared on the design scene as a contender for backsplashes, countertops, stair railing, fireplace surrounds and for countless other uses. It can be used in 1/8 inch thickness all the way up to 1 inch. If it used as clear glass it creates a subtle effect and as back painted glass it can be really breathtaking especially textured back painted glass.

Interior design glass has a remarkable number uses. Soda glass is very popular and has many interior applications. Soda glass is used to make shower surrounds, countertops for kitchen and bath, back splashes, office and lobby décor, Fireplaces, cabinet door panels, appliance cover panels and to build elevators and line their interiors. It can be used as countertops with bull-nosed or ogee edges or cut into switch plate covers with beveled edges. It has the capacity to be cut into glass tile or used as slabs of up to 84 inches by 130 inches. Soda glass can be colored coded on the textured or smooth side. The colors can also be customized to match the color wanted.

Soda Glass is a finishing process which makes any glass a coated glass, including safety glass, heat resistant glass or laminated glass. The color coating is applied permanently. An image can also be printed on the glass with the Soda Glass process. The color melds to the glass surface and is durable. The glass can be installed with the same benefits of untreated glass. Coated glass that receives a Soda Glass application will require little maintenance, it’s also durable, waterproof and easy to clean. Because glass is non-porous, it doesn’t harbor germs or bacteria.

Interior decorators can apply colored glass to create glass walls or use glass tile to decorate the walls. Painted glass is used extensively throughout commercial and residential buildings. The painted glass of glass walls can be textured or smooth, creating different visual effects. The beauty of colored glass is subtle but noticeable. Its clean glossy surface always has a positive effect on those surrounded by its beauty.

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