Interior Design Glass

Are you looking for something to liven up your home, give it some pizazz, really make it pop? Interior design glass may be the answer for you! Back painted glass or painted glass is a wonderful option that can give a make over to any room in your house. Think of any place in your house where glass, stone, or tile can be used, then think about replacing it with back painted glass. Painted glass gives surfaces shine, catches the eye, makes people talk as they are dazzled by glass tile, glass walls, choices of colored glass or coated glass, Soda Glass and soda glass. No more same old, same old as a rainbow of colored glass options light up the room.

You might be wondering what can be transformed in your home through the use of such products as coated glass, Soda Glass or soda glass. Stretch your imagination and picture a new vanity top and shower walls in your bathroom. Why not spruce up the kitchen with kitchen backsplashes along with your refrigerator and cabinet doors? Fireplaces can get a face lift and accent walls throughout your home can be brightened with interior design glass. Glass walls and glass tile are also wonderful for making your business or office space more unique and inviting.

Soda glass and a variety of colored glass is available in just about any color imaginable, matched with paint codes of leading paint manufacturers. It comes in several thicknesses, large sheets, and can be modified for any surface by cutting, bending, drilling, tempering, and notching it. When used for countertops, it can be tailored to preference with options such as flat-polished, pencil polished, beveled, bull-nosed, mitered, ogee, or chipped. Glass walls and glass tile, or any surface covered in glass, are non porous and make cleaning a dream with a simple wipe down and a glass cleaner. Now is your chance to get that new look at your home that will have everyone talking. Try something new with interior design glass and you might be the envy of all others, starting a trend that won’t stop.

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