Interior Design Glass

In this instance the term soda glass refers not to a container in which to pour a bubbly beverage, but to back painted glass, the latest thing in design material. The sleek architectual beauty of this material is stunning and adds a unique custom look to bathrooms, kitchens, and anywhere else. It is a wonderful recycled material that is easy to install, can be customized in endless ways, and is the cutting edge of new design materials. It can also be cut to almost any design.

Imagine glass walls, or countertops with painted glass matched to to any desired color. Imagine colored glass in an amazing array of textures. The glass can be customized to blend or match the best paint manufacturer’s color codes. Painted glass can be used everywhere one might use glass, stone or tile. This coated glass material is perfect fo kitchen backplashes, bathroom vanity tops, or fireplace surrounds, and gives a sleek, contemporary look to any environment. Add a colored glass wall as an accent in a home or office for a touch of luxury. Painted glass can be cut into almost any shape as well, which limits the use of glass tile only to the limits of the imagination.

Businesses can define themselves by using the contemporary design element of soda glass, or Soda Glass, for retail displays, office and lobby decor, or even elevators. Glass walls make a statement through their contemporay design look that is forward-thinking. In today’s world, forward thinking is a very good thing.

Glass tile is available in all standard glass thickness. Coated glass, or Soda Glass, is durable and easy to clean. Soda glass can be back painted, or painted on the front surface for a different affect. Surface edges can be customized in different ways. Back painted glass comes in many attractive textures as well.

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