“A Day Made of Glass” – A Great Looking Future

A Day Made of Glass, created by Corning Incorporated, takes a shot at how we may interact with glass during our daily activities in a not so distant future. From interactive surfaces through the home to flexible screens & even 3D projections “A Day Made of Glass” would be any techie’s dream come true. One can only hope that most of what’s seen in the video will actually come to fruition one day & not be a glass repeat of “The House of Tomorrow

But, luckily for you a bit of that future is already be here. Enter back painted glass, the perfect way to add a brilliant splash of color & style to virtually anywhere in your house, house, or store! Kitchen backsplashes, accent walls, bathroom counter tops, shower doors, office & lobby decor or even refrigerator doors are all possible places back painted glass can bring the style of tomorrow into your life today.

So while a day filled by technology powered amazing properties of glass may still be science fiction it’s at least great to now that it’s design is making it into our homes & offices today.

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