Fun with Glass Deco Art Pt. 2 | Back Painted Glass

Who can use glass deco paints?

Children over 3 years old and adults can make paintings using glass deco paints. The paints used in glass deco art is sticky, it is easy to attach to surfaces and get harden on hands or clothing. When the paint get in the eyes or other open body part, immediately wash it with water. Using workshop apron while painting is highly recommended.

To produce a beautiful glass deco painting, you can follow these few tips:
– Do not apply the paint too thin, put a little bit thick paint over the patterns. You must do so, because when the drying process happens, the paint will thin out by itself.

– Use black paint to make outlines of the image so that the resulting picture will look more attractive. First of all, make the outlines and let them dry in open air. After the outlines are dry, put the apply other colors.

– Remember that thicker paint takes longer drying process, but the result is better than thinner paint. Thin paint will make the picture difficult to remove from the glass / plastic and it is easily torn before being applied to another surface.

– If there is any color mistake, use paper napkin to remove it. Do so gently, then override the surface with other color that you want.

Please look at my kid and creations and my kids make art deco glass. We use AMOS Glass Deco Paints which have brilliant colors plus an attractive decorative confetti.

Did you get any ideas to add back painted glass to your home decor?

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