Fun with Glass Deco Art Pt. 1| Back Painted Glass

Kids and parents, you can make stunning glass decorations at home and get inspiration for adding back painted glass to your decor! Making glass deco art is not difficult, in fact it is very fun to do! Follow the steps in this lens and get your self a beautiful art gift:

– Decorated napkin holder

– Decorated bedroom mirror

– Decorated piggy bank can

– Decorated drinking glass

One of the fun activities you can do with your kids at home is to be creative with glass deco art. Glass deco art is is an art activity to produce decorations that can be applied on smooth surfaces such as glass, marble, or cans.

To make glass deco, you must first draw a picture using a special paint for decorating glass. This painting can be made by applying colors on plastic or glass placed over a pattern. Then, after finish giving colors, you just have to let the painting dry in open air.

Once it is dry, you can remove the painting from the glass or plastic surface and apply it on other surface that you want to decorate, such as glass, glass, tiles, smooth plastic furnitures, cans, and others. This way, you will get charming decoration with an easy way.

Part II next week….

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