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Looking for an easy and fun way to add a little more action to your next home movie? Or maybe you want to freak your friends this weekend by punching through a “glass” window?  Well now you can, in about 2 hours and with a hand full of ingredients you could be having a blast cracking some sugar glass.  Sugar glass is a substitute for glass used in movies, since when it breaks it doesn’t have sharp edges and is relatively harmless compared to real glass. It’s much easier and safer than trying to jump through, say your back painted glass

It’ll take you ~ 2hrs from start to finish, maybe more depending on the amount and size of the sugar glass, so plan accordingly.

First off, here’s a list of things you’ll need:

–          Deep Sauce Pan

–          Mold for the glass (ie cookie sheet, but depends on what you want to make)

–          2 Cups of Water

–          1 Cup of  white corn syrup

–          3 ½ cups of sugar

–          ¼ tsp. cream of tartar

–          Candy thermometer

–          Oil or non-stick spray (and lots of it!)

1) Mix the water, syrup, sugar, and cream of tartar into your saucepan.  Stir the mixture as you slowly bring it up to a boil. Slowly heating the mixture is a key factor here, if you bring the mixture to a boil too quickly it’ll cause the sugar to caramelize and ruin any chances of making sugar glass.

2) Continue heating the mixture to 300 degrees F, this should take about an hour to reach, if not longer.  This is when you bring in your candy thermometer to gauge the temp, but make sure it doesn’t fall into your sauce pan.

Note of Caution: This sugar glass mixture is very hot and sticky when you’re cooking it. It can burn you if it gets onto your skin, and that’s no fun at all, so be sure to avoid touching it until it has completely cooled.

3) With your oil or non-stick spray, cover your mold (cookie sheet) with a very generous amount  of oil/spray.  It’ll make it easier to remover later.

– Also, if you’re using a spray, make sure to allow the bubble/alcohol in it to evaporate so your Sugar Glass doesn’t get clouded with bubbles as it cools.

4) Carefully pour your heated mixture into the mold.  (Oven mitts/gloves are strongly recommended) Pour slowly if you wish to reduce the amount of bubbles created.

5) Putting the mold on an even surface let the mixture cool and harden for an hour.

6) Carefully remove sugar glass from the mold. To do this, heat a knife under hot water, trace the edge of the mold with the knife, separating the two.  Once this is done around the entire edge, carefully begin to pry the mold up, using the knife. Carefully lift the sugar glass out of the mold and voila! A sheet of sugar glass!

You now that you have your very own sheet of sugar glass you can have some fun, but a word of warning, if you’re thinking of eating some of it, it’s not going to be as tasty as you’d think.

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