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Cococozy :

Interior design, decorate and remodel – Ideas for making your house into a stylish home

Last week, we put up a post originally from a great interior design blog Padstyle about the top 25 interior design blogs. This week I wanted to spotlight one of my personal favorite blogs COCOCOZY. Coco, the writer of the blog explains her site the following way:

This is my decor and interior design magazine and blog. For now, I’ll go by Coco – my nickname. I am not a professional interior decorator or design expert – just someone who likes anything to do with house and home. Hopefully, I can help my family, friends and some strangers find cool things, give them some inspiration and maybe make them laugh a little too!

I love everything about her site, from her witty humor to her impeccable style and design aesthetic. If you are a fan of interior design, fashion, furniture and anything chic, you will love her blog. A favorite of mine is her “Special Features” section which showcases the best of her writing. She even gets down to basics by mapping out exactly what she recommends in each room of the house with her “Rooms” list. Her bathrooms even feature back painted glass in some cases so naturally we are fans. Check out her site and let us know what you think!

-Cris at SodaGlass

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