What is Glass? Part 6 | Back Painted Glass

Chemistry % by Weight of the most common types of glass and back painted glass

Element Type of glass
Fused silica Soda-lime silica Boro-silicate glass Alumo silicate glass lead borate glass
SiO2 100% 60- 75% 70-81% 62% 54-65%
Al2O3 1% 2-7% 17% 2%
CaO 5-12% 8%
MgO 4% 7%
Na2O 12-18% 4-8% 1% 13-15%
B2O3 7-13% 5%
PbO 18-38%

More information about other type of materials can be found through the following web-pages:

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Information on the periodic elements can be reach at this webpage:

Elements of the periodic table

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